If you are planning to introduce your baby to water for the 1st time here are a few New & Innovative products that you may find useful.

Warm in Water Baby Wet Suit

If you are worried about the temperature of your local pool then a Warm In Water baby Wetsuit is a must. It works the same way as a conventional wet suit by wrapping a layer of warm water close to babies skin, thus reducing heat loss. Its can add another 15 mins to a trip to a cooler pool.
Only £24.99

Bath Plugs & Thermometer

For bath time fun why not get one of our cool bath plugs. The floating sea animal (whale, fish or Octopus) will be an excellent “reach toy” for baby. Also we have a bath thermometer which is great for getting your bath to the correct temperature.
Only £3.99 each

Happy Nappies & Huggies Little Swimmers™

If you are worried about baby having a little “accident” in the bath or pool you should definitely consider our Happy Nappy. This neoprene nappy has cuffs to prevent leakage and coupled with a disposable Huggies Little Swimmer will give you maximum protection.
Only £8.99

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