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Starter Pack

The Starter Pack is the ideal place to start; most importantly, it contains the easy-to-follow Tutorial Waterbabies DVD. In addition, you will receive swim nappies, swim pants, a fun bath toy. No need to buy a thing its all here!
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Downloadable Tutorial
£2.99 each

If you are outside the UK or just want to take it one step at a time, this option is for you. Simply download all 12 of our inexpensive online tutorials individually, straight to your computer! The same easy-to-follow instructions and clear demonstrations as the waterbabies DVD, with printable worksheets. And you can start in a few minutes from now! - click here to get more information

No Title & Week Description Download
01- Exercises in the Bath and Word Association
Weeks 1 & 2
In this tutorial you and your baby will learn some amazing bath time exercises. You will also begin to learn our key word association skills. A must if you are new to the program.
02- First trips to the pool, Holding positions and Reaching
Weeks 3 & 4
In this tutorial you and your baby with visit the pool for the first time. You will learn the two main holding positions and then put them to practice with our Reaching exercise.
03- Back floating
Weeks 5 & 6
In this tutorial you will learn one of the key skills of the Little Dippers program. Back floating is one of the most important skills if your baby were to fall into water and there was nothing to hold on to.
04- Splashing and Turning
Weeks 7 & 8
In this tutorial you will begin to teach baby how to turn around in the water. This is a vital skill should you baby fall in to water, whereby he/she can turn around and hold onto the side where they fell in from. Also you will introduce baby to the feeling of a splash entry.
- Intermediate Exercises -
05- First Underwater Swim
Weeks 9 & 10
In this tutorial this will be baby's big day when he/she will do their first underwater swim. This is one of the most important skills you can teach your baby
06- Swimming off the side
Weeks 11 & 12
In this tutorial you and your baby will learn how to swim off the side, which will also work to strengthen baby's respiratory system.
- Advanced Exercises -
07- First Underwater Swim Unaided
Weeks 13 & 14
In this tutorial you and your baby will swim underwater without help from you when you let her go for a brief moment giving her a new freedom.
08- Breathing exercises
Weeks 15 & 16
In this tutorial you and your baby will learn will learn to take a breath whenever possible.
9- Turning underwater
Weeks 17 & 18
In this tutorial you and your baby will learn how to turn underwater and make their way back to the side of the pool.
10- Belly Flop and Swimming to the Surface
Weeks 19 & 20
In this tutorial you and your baby learn what it feels like to hit the water with more force. They will also learn how to turn and kick up to the surface.
11- Putting it all together and first underwater dive
Weeks 21 & 22
In this tutorial your baby will work on a more lifelike situation developing the skills learned earlier. It will teach your baby, if she should fall into the water by accident, to turn back to the side automatically, kick up to the surface and hold onto the nearest object available. Also included in this package is your babies first dive.

Important notes prior to downloading:

To download the tutorials, we strongly recommend using a broadband Internet connection as each package is around 25mb which will take anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes to download with this type of connection, slower connections are not recommended.

Each video clip is in .avi format, therefore please make sure you have the suitable software installed prior to downloading. We recommend the free DIVX player which can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the following image.

For the worksheet you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed which can also be downloaded by clicking here.

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