There are many products on the market, which you can use to avoid accidents in the pool.

Disposable nappies swell up on contact with water and can weigh the baby down. They also require frequent changes. Luckily Huggies Little Swimmers® disposable swim pants protect in the water without swelling up and with Disney's Little Mermaid and Tigger and Disney Pixar's Nemo, being in the water has never been so much fun!

Many public pools do not allow disposable nappies because the absorbent core can burst or explode and the absorbent material clogs filter systems. Swimming costumes/nappies are an alternative to nappies, however they are messy to clean up and do not offer any pre-swim leakage protection. With Huggies Little Swimmers® swim pants, you can take your little one to the pool or beach and enjoy splashing around without worrying about little accidents.

If you are really worried about leakage we recommend Double Protecting your baby which means a Huggies Little Swimmer covered by a cloth Aqua Nappy.

By far the best form of protection is SplashAbout’s Happy Nappy in conjunction with Huggies Little Swimmers® that give you 99% protection against leakage.

"The Happy Nappy/Little Swimmer combo really works!" - Mrs V, Cardiff

We do not recommend any swimming aids which restrict movement, such as armbands, however some float jackets or float suits can give you as a parent help when baby is in the water.
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